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TVXQ’s Three Members vs SM, Busy Writing Up Statements For The 11th [070909]

September 7, 2009

SM Entertainment (SME) and TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, who are currently in a dispute regarding the group’s exclusive contract, are busy writing up statements of the offense and defense for the pending trial.

This is because at the first hearing on the 21st, the Seoul District Courts ruled that all documents related to the trial must be submitted by the 11th of September. Therefore, both sides are busy writing their positions on the issue by the deadline so that they will be able to submit these documents on time.

The three members’ representing lawyer from Sejong Law Firm submitted a prepatory document on the 2nd that included the statements he wished to give during the court proceedings. This document was then forwarded to SME on the 3rd. On that day, SME’s representing law firm, Taepyungyang Law Firm, fought back by submitting a letter appointing an assigned lawyer to deal with the case.

A person related to the trial stated, “Since the courts ruled that they would listen to more of the two sides’ positions before coming to a decision, both sides are busy writing up documents to submit.”

Source: [star news+DNBN]
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Bigeast Station Gallery

September 7, 2009


These two are so pitiful…
(They) can’t kiss anymore…

- Junsu

Music Played:
01. Colors ~Melody and Harmony~
02. Stand Up!
03. Tea For Two

Source: Bigeastation and HB Yunho Family
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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A-Nation’09 Special Report [070909]

September 7, 2009

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As the sky above Ajinomoto Stadium gets darker, the sudden change of blue to a Red Ocean indicated that it was time for Tohoshinki’s stage. The first number was the refreshing summer song, “Share the World.” Yunho said, “There’s more, there’s more!” The encouraging cheers, together with the red lights (Tohoshinki’s official colour), with a sprinkling of blue (a-nation’s official colour), caused the spirit of the event to soar higher and higher. The live performance of “Somebody to Love,” with everyone waving their towels in the air, plus the wild and powerful “Survivor” kindled the excitement of the 50k people in the audience. This shows that it’s time to let everyone see their (Tohoshinki’s) power!

Source: withtvfxq
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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TVXQ Fans Plan To Report SME To The Fair Trade Committee For Violation Of The Law Of Fair Transaction

September 7, 2009

TVXQ fans are planning to report SM Entertainment to the Fair Trade Committee for the violation of the Law of Fair Transaction.

DNBN, a TVXQ fan site, announced these plans on their notice board on the 6th under the title ‘Information such as the Date and Time of Submission along with Updates Regarding the Fair Trade Committee’.

DNBN’s side stated that, “The second round of petition collection has successfully ended,” and “We will be submitting the petitions from the second round along with our report of SME to the Fair Trade Committee for the violation of the Law of Fair Transaction on the 9th at 1:30 pm. After wards we will be submitting these additional petitions to the Seoul District Courts.”

Following this statement, DNBN also posted, “As stated in the certification of contents sent to SM Entertainment, if the agency does not reply to us by the 8th, we will be submitting a compensation of losses request form to the Fair Trade Committee on Wednesday the 9th at 1:30 pm and will be submitting additional petitions to the Seoul District Courts on the same day.”

DNBN also plans to publish a newspaper advertisement supporting TVXQ. It said on the website that, “On the 10th, we plan to publish an ad in a newspaper,” and “So that everyone can see it, we ask the fans to buy the newspaper in the evening.”

It can be seen that the fans are taking many legal actions against SM Entertainment, the agency that is currently in a dispute with members of the 5-member idol group TVXQ.

On the 2nd, DNBN sent SM Entertainment a certification of contents containing 1222 names of fans who want compensation for the physical and mental damages acquired due to the cancellation of the SM Town Live ’09 concert.

Also, TVXQ fans collected 121,073 signatures and submitted them on the 20th to the Seoul District Courts along with a petition that opposed the unfair exclusive contract between SM Entertainment and TVXQ, and submitted a petition to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on the 28th.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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THSK – Jaejoong & Yoochun featured in “In Red” Magazine

September 7, 2009

So slimmy sexy Soulmate couple! ^^

credits: 大吧 + HeyJJ


Jaejoong & Yoochun – Schedule (Japan)

September 7, 2009


★Jaejoong&Yoochun Only

『WHAT’s IN?』


TVXQ that Only Zoom In Knows 【unlimited CS Special Edition】
More Details Here
27:20~28:14 Tokyo 『Monthly MelodiX!』★Jaejoong & Yoochun Only new
※With Interesting talk with Nankai Candies


credits: toho-jp + dbsknights
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Yunho – HTTG Anime Fanart

September 7, 2009

Cool! Anime version^^

credits: tvxqbaidu


Tohoshinki – HMV sale ranking top 100

September 7, 2009

Top 100 Sale raking


2) History In Japan Vol.4 Released Date – 2009.10.28
3) The 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME Released Date – 2009. 9.30
5) COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ JEJUNG & YUCHUN (CD + DVD Ver) Released Date – 2009. 9.30
20) COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ JEJUNG & YUCHUN (CD Ver) Released Date – 2009. 9.30

39) HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3 Released Date – 2008. 3.12
43) HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.2 Released Date – 2007. 3.28
47) The3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T ~ Released Date – 2008. 8.6
52) The 2nd LIVE TOUR 2007 ~ Five in the Black ~ Release Dated – 2007. 9.26
53) HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.1 Released Date – 2006. 3.23
56) T (A type) Released Date – 2008. 1.23
63) Heart Mind And Soul Released Date – 2006. 3.23
70) Five in the Black Release Date – 2007. 3.14
73) 1st LIVE TOUR 2006 ~ Heart, Mind and Soul ~ Released Date – October 24, 2006
84) If …!? / Rainy Night: Junsu Released Date – 2008. 2.27
92) Runaway / My Girlfriend: Yuchun Released Date – 2006. 2.13

Amazon sale ranking first half of 2009 j-pop Division
10 ワンルーム・ディスコ – Perfume
9 つるのうた(DVD付) – つるの剛士
8 TRICK(DVD付) – 倖田來未
7 ANSWER – アンジェラ・アキ
6 レミオベスト – レミオロメン
5 NEXT LEVEL (2CD+DVD) – 浜崎あゆみ
4 The Secret Code(2CD+DVD) – Tohoshinki
2 PUZZLE (DVD付) – 関ジャニ∞
1 シャンブル – ユニコーン

source: dnbn
credits/trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[Video] THSK – Bigeast Station #128

September 7, 2009

Part 1

Part 2

credits: yuulinaboojaejoong


Yunho – Heading To The Ground Photos

September 7, 2009

The kissing scene after Yunho drowns..

Yunho so cute!

credits:imbc + dbsknights
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